August FOML Newsletter

Hello everyone, it’s me Maggie letting you know that the newsletter is published for August, I hope you enjoy it!

I would appreciate submissions for articles to the September newsletter, you can do a book review to share a book you have read this summer (or any book you read anytime,) or you could send your latest favorite recipe,  or you could do both! You could also share a story about your vacation, or why you became a Friend of the Milton Library, or anything at all! JUST CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING… OK?

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Christmas in July
Mitzi, our Treasurer –  says, “Hi Friends, for our one and a half day sale we made $1,600.00, not bad considering we have cut our prices in half. The book sale committee will be meeting
next Monday at 9:15am in the shed to begin the clean up process. Come join us!”

This month Ned’s Musings (Author: C.E. (Ned) France Jr.) is titled “A Midsummer’s Nights Read!” And he starts out  the article, “I’m quite sure “Ol’ Bill” Shakespeare might not care for my pun on one of the best of his comedies.”

This month “From the Peanut Gallery” is titled “Locked Doors – Find the Key and ZOOM ON IN!”

This month the Book Review begins, “This month how about you follow the cyber trail to the Library’s cyber portal into the Realm of Knowledge to find… ”

This month the Recipe of the Month is named “7-UP Biscuits,” and Ned’s recipe from last month, Braised Pork Chops, is from the book “Slow Cooking for Crock Enthusiasts” by G & R Publishing Co.

Here is the online link