Newsletter for May is published

Read all about what is happening at the library in Milton this month.

Here are a few highlights:

  1. Doug Corbin, one of the state bee inspectors will be with us to discuss the habits of bees, beekeeping and hive health.
  2. Grown – Up “Literary News” by Ned
  3. Recipe of the Month by Maggie is Red Beans with Andouille
  4. Book Review is by Susan Dominus of the New York Times reviewing the book Divergent written by author Veronica Roth

Read all about the above topics and much more in the May Newsletter



May Update

Friends of the Milton Library and Readers of the Newsletter,

The May 8th membership meeting has been cancelled.

The Book Committee will not meet on May 12th and no one will be at the book shed that day.

Our next meeting is in September, it should be 1pm the 2nd Thursday, but don’t hold me to that, check back after summer break.

The newsletter will be published for May very soon! As usually I have too many irons in the fire!

The newsletter will continue during summer break and I encourage you all to send in your articles and recipes for me to publish in the upcoming newsletters!

I hope you all were safe during, and had no damage from,  the recent flooding in our community!

Warmest Regards,