Minutes from May Meeting and Revised Annual Schedule

Hello Friends of the Milton Library Subscribers!

Maggie here reporting that I have done the minutes for the May meeting, as well as the revised annual Schedule, including confirmation of the November staff luncheon and our Christmas Party! Read all about it!

I have posted these documents on our FOML website on the Announcement page.

You can also find the documents individually through the following links:

May Meeting Minutes

FOML Annual Schedule 


June Newsletter 2015 Published

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer vacation!

You can find the newsletter online here: June Newsletter

Letter from the Editor: By Maggie Leiterman As many of you know, Ned does not use the computer; he writes his Musings by hand and mails them to me. Each month when I get his Musings then I set about transcribing the handwritten article. This takes me more time each month than all the rest of the newsletter combined because everything else in the newsletter is already in digital form so I can just cut and paste. This month Ned sent four pages and I have not had the time to spend transcribing the article so I decided to scan Ned’s Musings in as a photo and insert into the newsletter.

I have not had time to update the schedule yet, nor the minutes from the last meeting. I will post as soon as I can get around to doing it.


May meeting and newsletter

The membership meeting is today at the Library meeting room at 1pm, the library closes at 1pm so be sure to go to back outside entrance at the library to go into the meeting. Calendar

See the agenda for this meeting, the minutes from last meeting on the announcement page: https://friendsofthemiltonlibrary.wordpress.com/announcements/

See all the newsletters on the newsletter page:  https://friendsofthemiltonlibrary.wordpress.com/newsletters/

See the May newsletter here:  https://friendsofthemiltonlibrary.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/foml_may_20151.pdf


April Newsletter

The April Newsletter is published.

Read all about it!

We need a new Treasurer again. Lynn Clauson is resigning because she is moving out of our area.

We wish Lynn the best and will miss her!

Ned’s musings this month is called “WHAT HAPPENED YEARS LATER!”

And… see Ned’s message…

Congratulations to David L. Castro!
FOML members were pleased to learn that Aviation Boatswains Mate First Class David L. Castro was named Whiting Field’s Fire Instructor, trainer, and speaker.
Castro has headed up volunteer groups from Whiting setting up and cleaning up Book Sales for the FOML and will do so again in April.
Thanks David and Congratulations again.
Ned France