December Newsletter


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THANK YOU – Lynn Clauson for volunteering to be the   Treasurer
Will someone please step up and  volunteer to be the Secretary and take over for Maggie?
Will someone step up and volunteer to be  Vice President – we haven’t had a VP since 2013

The FOML Board members have been serving for many years
President ( Ned has served 3 years – Jan. 2012)
Vice President (vacant since Jan. 2013)
Treasurer (Mitzi – served 5 years – Jan. 2009)
Secretary (Maggie – served 2 years – Jan. 2013)
Membership Chair (Maggie – served 3 years – Jan. 2012)
See FOML Florida State Registration Annual reports dating
back to 1995

Ned’s Musing this month is “BITS OF HOLIDAY BITS ‘N’ PIECES”

Thanks to the Kingrys for the recipe this month, French Coconut Pie,  it sounds easy and yummy!