You Could Win a Prize – Take the Santa Rosa County Library Survey

Starting on Monday July 9 and ending on July 24th the library will have a survey for their customers.  Library administration will use this information for planning and customer feedback.

The library will have drawings for a few prizes for those customers who fill the survey out.

Survey link:

Hard copies will be in the library as well for customers to fill out in lieu of online.


We’re back! The Friends of the Milton Library is seeking volunteers!

We’re back! The Friends of the Milton Library is seeking volunteers! We’ve had a few months off while our “shed” has undergone some renovations, but we’re ready to make up for lost time. We are currently meeting every Monday morning at 9:15 in the shed beside the Milton Library to sort and shelve books. If you are interested in joining us, come to the Milton Library any Monday morning (except holidays) or call the library for information. Their number is 850-981-7323. Please keep in mind that we are a very, very small nonprofit group and we want you to join us for $10 per year. We love books, and supporting our community – come join us!



Next Meeting and other FOML Business

The Friends of the Milton Library Update:
  1. There has been no progress on the shed.
  2. The library has suspended accepting book donations until further notice.
  3. The National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution made a donation to purchase a new computer for the library. 
  4. The library staff is maintaining the book cart kiosk, sales amounts vary.
  5. The next FOML meeting will be Thursday May 4 at 1:30 pm in the Library meeting room. 

Meeting March 30 at Milton Library

Meeting Thursday, March 30, at 1:30 pm, in the library meeting room. An update on the progress of repair on the shed, and deciding on future actions is to be on agenda. 5541 ALABAMA STREET MILTON, FLORIDA 32570 (850) 981-READ (7323,)

Meeting Thursday March 2

Meeting Thursday, March 2, at 1:30 pm, in the library meeting room. An update on the progress of repair on the shed, and deciding on future actions is to be on agenda. 5541 ALABAMA STREET MILTON, FLORIDA 32570 (850) 981-READ (7323,)

Update On Status of Friends of the Milton Library

At the Friends of the Milton Library (FOML) meeting on January 5 the members in attendance decided to go on hiatus; however Linda will continue to do all the finances and state/IRS filings.  The library staff is helping Linda update the book kiosk as needed. Maggie will continue facilitating administration of the website, Facebook, and publicity.
The Santa Rosa County maintenance department has been out to look at the book shed where we store the donated books. They think it will need some mold remediation and possibly a new roof.  We will have to empty the shed totally for them to work on it.  Linda is supposed to check into FOML renting a pod to store books in until the shed is good to use again.  Linda is also supposed to look into getting a larger dumpster to discard damaged/unsaleable books when shed is cleared.
Hopefully the county will give us a date when they hope to do the work that FOML can arrange to clear the shed beforehand.
FOML plans to have another meeting on March 2 at 1:30 pm at the Library meeting room to discuss progress on the shed and future endeavors.
For anyone who doesn’t know, Linda is the current Treasurer, and Maggie is the current publicity chair, and webmaster of Friends of the Milton Library. The positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary are vacant due to the resignation of those members. The membership chair has been Maggie for the last 5 years, she also resigned from that position this year. If anyone wants to join the FOML or donate to the organization, just show up at the March meeting and join then, or you can send by mail. See more about that below.
 Friends of the Milton Library New Membership, Renewal, or Donation Name______________________________________ Address:___________________________________
Telephone: _________________________________
OPT-IN TO EMAIL service for the Friends of the Milton Library newsletters and announcement posts each month. Your Email:_____________________________________
Annual Membership for the Year Individual $10. Family $15.  Lifetime $200.
Donation: $_______________ Cash_________ Check No. ____________
Business / Organization $50 $_______________ Cash_________ Check No. ____________
Make checks payable to, and mail to: Friends of the Milton Library 5541 Alabama Street Milton, FL. 32570