FOML June 2016 Newsletter

Have you missed the newsletter? Ned’s Musings are back thanks to Linda, she volunteered to translate Ned’s Musings into a computer friendly format each month. Linda is also contributing articles and participating. We need to give her a big BRAVO for all she is doing for FOML.

Here are a few highlights of the June newsletter:

“Report on Spring Book Sale
By: Linda Laliberte-Schmidt

From the time of our last book sale in the fall FOML volunteers have been working toward the Spring Book Sale. Organizing and sorting the many donations of our generous community. All of the donations of books and money keeps our organization together to help our local library. Whole families turned out for the fun! FOML’s Book Committee with the help of Volunteers from NAS Whiting Field supervised by Dave Castro did a lot of the heavy lifting and were able to put together a wide selection of books for every age group in our community. It was a lot of work!”  See the rest of this article in the June 2016 newsletter

Visit the newsletter page to see current newsletter and all the archived newsletters that date back to 2013. Click here: Newsletters

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