Letter from Editor

This announcement is to let all the membership and followers know that the Book Committee has decided that our organization should not renew our Chamber of Commerce Membership. They also said that the newsletter should end. Below is my position on these decisions and I would appreciate input from the membership and followers to tell your opinion.

I disagree with stopping the newsletter and I disagree with not renewing Chamber of Commerce Membership, and I hope the Committee will consider what I have to say; which is this:

Our next meeting is in September and all this should be discussed in a meeting with the membership in attendance to discuss it.  I plan to continue the newsletter each month – because we offered Corporate members to join with the promise of having their business card in the newsletter for one year from the time they joined, and I don’t think it would be good form to go back on that promise. I stated previously that I can copy and paste the Library News and all other items easily, none of that is a problem for me, but it takes me the most time to decipher Ned’s hand written article and then type it all up, but I can scan in his handwritten article just as I did last month. If Ned doesn’t want to continue his article that’s fine, but I will continue and I think it is a bad decision to stop membership at the Chamber. I hope the Book Committee will reconsider that decision. We get a good value for the Chamber of Commerce membership, and it does help make people aware of the Library Services which is what the FOML mission is supposed to do, and since the Library doesn’t have a membership with the Chamber of Commerce, I think we are the link to that outreach through the Chamber in the community. The marque in front of the the Chamber of Commerce building running our announcements from time to time helps bring people to the library and each month the Chamber has us on their website with our newsletter and calendar of events, not to mention the inserts in the Gazette due to being a member of the Chamber. I know I haven’t went to the Community Council quarterly meetings lately but I have went in the past and I do plan to go again in the future. The Chamber of Commerce also has other events they provide for membership to present the mission of our organization.

Please chime in on this matter and let the organization know how you feel.

Maggie Leiterman
Friends of the Milton Library
Editor and Publisher of the Newsletter
Membership Committee Chair 
Publicity Committee Chair

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