Friends of the Milton Library Newsletter Posted for November





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November Newsletter Index

Front Page News
Ned’s Musings
Letter from the Editor
Welcome Aboard Kevin Liss
Milton Library address and hours of operation
Friends of the Milton Library Information
Membership Application

Calendar of Events
Library Volunteers and Friends
Organization Luncheon Milton Library meeting Room
November 6th at 1pm
Membership Meetings
November 13th at 1pm
Come participate in the plans for next year, HELP – JOIN the Board – or there won’t be a Friends of the Milton Library!


The FOML Board members have been serving for many years and they NEED YOU to step up and
VOLUNTEER to serve on the Board as Officers and Committee Chairpersons!

Critical need for Treasurer

Panic Button

“I am trying not to PANIC but I agree with Ned, my biggest concern is who will take on the job of Treasurer! I’m worried we may have to dissolve the FOML organization! We could lose our Nonprofit status! We need a responsible, trustworthy person with the skills, and responsibility to take over this very important position on the FOML Board of Directors!”

Read the rest of the article in the newsletter online or see a copy at the Milton Library on the Book Nook Cart.


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