Book Sale Report

by Maggie

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Friends of the Milton Library Spring Book Sale either by donating, helping before, during, or after the sale, and of course thanks to all those shoppers! I wish I could of been there to help and shop! As many of you know, I had previous commitment.

Mitzi reported that the book sale brought in $601.50!

I agree with Mitzi, that isn’t bad considering they got rained on and quit a half an hour early.

So I reckon that isn’t just good when considering that was only 9am to Noon, that’s an average of $200. per hour! I say WOW!!

Mitzi also reported that even after everything was moved back into the shed and was in massive disarray more customers continued to come in wanting to shop! I say that shows you that Milton is a town that likes a bargain book sale, and who like to read, as well as those who do it to help support the library programs that this money will go to fund!

Last year the Friends of the Milton Library donated $9,514.43 which helped fund many of the library programs such as Summer Reading, Books on CD, and much more…





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