Worth Mentioning

For those who missed the announcement in the November newsletter and didn’t see the post on FB, this is a REMINDER: December meeting and party is scheduled for 5:30 pm on Thursday December 12. Bring a covered dish, yourself, and be ready to socializing and enjoy some good food!

I am still working on the December newsletter. I am still deciphering Ned’s lengthy handwritten Musings and a book review for this month. I’m not complaining because bless his heart, Ned is a faithful contributor to our newsletter, and I’m thankful for that because he is the only other member contributing articles regularly besides myself.

I have one request of everyone, to help Mitzi and Maggie (myself) …if you are planning to renew membership for 2014 at the party, PLEASE fill out the renewal slip that you can find in the back of any of the newsletters and have it ready at the party to hand in with your check. If you don’t have renewal slip PLEASE write all your information on a piece of paper because that helps me and Mitzi keep records straight. I will also bring some applications to the party for others who don’t use the internet.

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