Book Sale next week, and then planning for 2014

HELLO EVERYONE. I hope we only get a good breeze from TS-Karen. Be safe! I hope we have good weather for our Book Sale next weekend, October 11 and 12. If you haven’t seen our layout with the Beaches and Woodlands Tour, check it out here

I have a question for everyone about possible event in the spring because it’s too late to set it up this fall. I suggested this before but never brought it to the membership, I think it would be a good fundraiser and bring in even more shoppers  if we could do an arts & crafts event in conjunction with our book sale. Time got away from me this year, and I realize that I will have to be the one to organize and make it happen, so I am going to try to get it together for the spring 2014 if I can get others interested in participating. I wish I could of got it organized for the Fall 2013 book sale because we have much advertising help such as the Beaches to Woodland Tour. If not in spring, for sure I want to do it for next fall 2014 boo sale. Let me know iwhat you think.